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Name: Eternal World 1
Creator:    Eternity
Managers: (none)
ID: 844 
Created / Edited: 29 August 2020 15:14:05 / 29 August 2020 15:14:05
TP / Environment: TMAll / ( - )
Type: Campaign
Style: Mixed
Tracklist Released: Yes

Eternal World 1

What is it ?

This mappack has been originally made for the french streamer Ciremyx. After many demand, the pack is now public.

Is there a story ?

Yes ! The pack is following a plot from start to end. Ciremyx really enjoy it. I hope you will aswell.

What are the style and environment ?

You will play trough all environment, including mix. You'll have to play trough multiple style of maps : Race, RPG, Plateform, Fullspeed, Exploration, Horror, and more . . .

Important to read before going in the story !

-Play this pack with the TMAll TitlePack
-The first map can be really easy for experience players, but the maps are getting harder and harder. Don't worry, you'll have a challenge.
-Map 14 can have finish trigger issue. If you about to enter a giant room filled with red sign, the finish trigger is there.
-Some maps have custom music, sound, dialogue, sound clue. Don't forget to turn up sound and music.
-Some maps have outros. Don't forget to look at them to know a bit more about the story, especially the last one.
-In almost all the intros, in order to complete the map, a task will be show to finish the map ( for exemple : If you beat the opponents, you will get a Gold Medal. Then you can change map.


You are a pro stadium racer who's going trough competition and competition. Your reputation is getting higher. People start to recognize you. After a cup, you have decide to take some rest for a while. One night, you're kidnap. Those people are taking you in a strange place. What are they doing to you ? Why are they doing that ? You gonna have to escape to figure it out.

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