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Mappack NameCreatorStyleType EnvironmentTracks Etc
WC#1   akkoga Mixed Standard Stadium10
TTC Dirt #10 - Nixotica   Nixotica Offroad Competition Stadium5
TrackMania Nations ESWC Campaign    Nadeo Mixed Campaign Stadium120
TrackMania² Valley Campaign    Nadeo Mixed Campaign Valley65
TrackMania² Stadium Campaign    Nadeo Mixed Campaign Stadium65
TrackMania² Lagoon Campaign    Nadeo Mixed Campaign Lagoon65
TrackMania² Canyon Campaign    Nadeo Mixed Campaign Canyon65
TrackMania Micro Rounds #3   arkahon Mixed Standard Stadium5
Track War Cup   SVGRompglyde... Mixed Competition Stadium11
Short-Trial   SVGRompglyde... Trial Standard Stadium3
Sportyx Cup #8   Yannex Mixed Competition Stadium15
WAVE RACE 64   SLAYER Other Standard Lagoon9
7 MultiLaps #5   Wonder Multilap Competition Stadium6
ALLO   hayzenn01 Mixed Standard Stadium10
TGN Cup   StrangeRapto... Mixed Competition Stadium5
evo | Envimix Mappack   phenom Mixed Standard -
evo | RPG Mappack   phenom RPG Standard -
evo | Funspeed Mappack   phenom Other Standard -
evo | Tech Mappack   phenom Tech Standard -
evo | Dirt Mappack   phenom Offroad Standard -
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