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 PF - Show Me Up

by   Eternity  |  19
AT   00:46.332 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  214121 
 10 February 2021 17:58:23
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:46.331   Larentz 19 (100%) 10-02-21
 00:46.332  urgo2 15.2 (80%) 12-02-21
 00:46.332  protystor 12.35 (65%) 11-02-21
 00:46.332   Eternity 10.45 (55%) 11-02-21
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 Author Comments
I've decide to make a PF this time, but there's a twist at 2 key part of the map. I don't want to spoil anything, i'll let you discover while playing it.

I know it's a really short PF map for the average ones but i was doing a experiment for this.
 Embedded objects39 Objects
Object IX? Object author
6-1-3-RoadRampToArenaSteep.Block.Gbx eyebo
HolePunch.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
C-BaseBlockRT.Item.gbx xrayjay
CM_90.Item.gbx xrayjay
FreeClip.Item.gbx Nadeo
FreeClip.Item.gbx Nadeo
FreeClipBottom.Item.gbx Nadeo
FreeClipLeftAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
FreeClipRightAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
FreeClipAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
FreeClipAirBottom.Item.gbx Nadeo
FreeClipAirTop.Item.gbx Nadeo
ToArenaCenterAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
ToArenaFreeClipAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
ToRoadMain.Item.gbx Nadeo
VStraight4AirA.Item.gbx Nadeo
2Air.Item.gbx Nadeo
2SlopeUDFreeClipTop.Item.gbx Nadeo
BorderCornerAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
BorderFreeClipLeft.Item.gbx Nadeo
BorderFreeClipRight.Item.gbx Nadeo
LoopEndAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
LoopEndFreeClip.Item.gbx Nadeo
LoopEndFreeClipLeft.Item.gbx Nadeo
LoopEndFreeClipRight.Item.gbx Nadeo
StartCornerFreeClipLeft.Item.gbx Nadeo
StartCornerFreeClipRight.Item.gbx Nadeo
StartStraightAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
StartStraightFreeClipBottom.Item.gbx Nadeo
Straight_FreeClipBottom.Item.gbx Nadeo
Straight_FreeCliptop.Item.gbx Nadeo
StraightCornerFreeClipBottom.Item.gbx Nadeo
Top_FreeClipLeftAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
Top_FreeClipRightAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
TopCornerAir.Item.gbx Nadeo
Air.Item.gbx Nadeo
2Air.Item.gbx Nadeo
ArenaBorderCornerPillarBankIn1.Item.Gbx eyebo
ArenaNoSteering.Item.Gbx eyebo
 Track Feature

Press forward! With a twist!

Feature time: 10 February 2021 19:11:54-   eyebo.wp
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