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News Archive
Nadeo have released an optional update for the game.

o Performance increase concerning sounds & car reflections
o Now tries to recover after graphic card driver crash
o Compatibility with non-SSE2 computers
o Added support for scalable suspensions in car models
o Fixed Maniacodes offering scripts or painters textures (brushes, stickers)
o Fixed online sharing of 3d car models
o Fixed rare crashes during script compilation & runtime
o Fixes for the Launcher

You can read all about it and decide if you want to download it via this link
Enai Siaion has made a massive signs pack which is hosted with locators by Mania Exchange.

Download link and instructions!

Thanks to Enai Siaion for creating this pack! (y)

While we speak of signs, doben has made some beautiful Canyon signs which you can get via the TMSIGNS manialink linked in this thread. You will also discover the blue metal signs by ciccipicci at the same place.

The TMSIGNS manialink is hosted by Mania Creative.

We've introduced a simpler process for downloading and playing tracks. :cool:

The Install & Play link sends a command to ManiaPlanet through the maniaplanet:// protocol which then downloads the track, places it into an organised folder (by track author) and then prompts whether or not you'd like to play it. 8-|

Hope you enjoy it! :d
Why not try a random track then? (y)

if you like the track, don't forget to leave some feedback ! ;)
The issues that caused the outage earlier have been fixed.
Just a heads up, if you havent noticed the master servers for TM2 are offline at the moment. Nadeo are aware of the problem and are posting updates in this Thread:

Master server issues @ ManiaPlanet forum

You can still access the editor as well as local play (just no Online/Planets or Solo mode)

Update: You can now get back online and play, should be completely sorted soon.
You must now connect your ManiaPlanet account with your Mania Exchange account in order to access certain features. (Follow the link in the red error box. ;))

1) Login to MX Accounts Portal
2) Click 'Connect Now' (accept certificate if asked)
3) Enter your ManiaPlanet (TM2 Canyon) login
Note: This is a NADEO page, Mania Exchange will never know your details.
4) Click to allow access for the permission request

Your Mania Exchange Portal account will now show as being associated with your Mania Planet login.
You may then return here and continue as before.

- Ensure you're logged into the Accounts Portal, then hit the link again*.
- If still not working, file a bug in the bug forum.

* Site bar > Portal (hover) > 'MX Accounts'.

Today sees an update to your version of TrackMania² Canyon mulitplayer beta.

Quick Instructions
o The game first downloads the new updater, and asks to restart.
o Then the launcher completes this first part of the update (requesting administrator rights twice)
o When you launch the game again, it will complete the update.
o Another restart of the game is required for the launcher to complete the installation.
o Done. Enjoy the new version!

Read more here!

Not got it yet?
The update is being progressively deployed, just wait a bit and your turn will come!

Hey guys,

As much fun as Canyon is, we're currently hosting the final MTC of TMUFX. We wanted to make a tribute to Jozii, the creator of the MTC, who started the competition in August 2006 in TMNX. That's why the theme is old school Stadium! There are currently over 50.000 coppers for the winners - it's definitely worth participating! Let's make this final TMUFX MTC great!!

Link to the thread
The accounts portal has returned to it's original state. With a new UI. There are a few things to complete/update, which will be done within the forthcoming weeks. (y)

There's still a few bugs, so don't forget to report them in the forum! ;)

MX no longer asks for a security question and answer. To protect your privacy, any existing questions and answers will be deleted.

Check out the new portal! :cool:
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