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Tuesday, March 24, 2015 (2136 days ago)
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I'm a passionate TM² mapper specialized in transitional fullspeed maps in Valley who is always striving for perfection: I like to create exciting and extremely well-calculated transitional fullspeeders but I often struggle with keeping the difficulty of my tracks in a resonable range. As some might know, I do a lot of duo tracks (about half of the non-MTC tracks I released so far have been duos) and am always working on some with nice other mappers to bring you new exciting style combinations (if you should be interested in creating a duo track with me, just send me a pm).

Mapping Archievements
:gold: 1st place in the MTC September 2016 (Bring your own Physics): "Easy Going.MTC by   Solux
:gold: 1st place in the MTC July 2017 (15 Seconds): "mtc»Miraculous by   Solux
:gold: 1st place in the first 90MC (Don't go back): "[90MC - 1] Quickie by   Solux
:silver: 2nd place with fredair in the MTC June 2016 (Shuttling hoops): "Bouncy.MTC by   Solux
:silver: 2nd place in the MTC March 2017 (Get Me Out): "Locked In.MTC by   Solux
:bronze: 3rd place in the MTC January 2017 (Darn those cheap contractors): "ber.MTC by   Solux
:build: Builder for the first MX Community Lagoon Map: "Shoal No Mercy by   MX-Community
:build: Participated in the 2017 MX Christmas Calendar Project: "CCP#16 - Snowflakes by   Solux

What I do here on MX
I'm a...
- Mapper
- MX Developer
- 90MC Host
- MTC Judge

Duo tracks

Merged by   Solux

Solo tracks (non-MTC)

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