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Friday, March 2, 2018 (1056 days ago)
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 21 hours ago
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All Valley Tracks Project (on hiatus)
I came up with a silly long-term goal to finish every Valley map possible and upload my replay on ManiaExchange. I'll be trying my best to set a good time (aiming for authors). If a record feels in reach then I'll go for it, but it won't be the main priority. I'm starting from the beginning of this environment (4th July 2013) and working my way to the newer tracks. This is mainly just because I love this enviroment, but at the same time hopefully I can also improve my skills and play maps I'm not usually comfortable with (i.e. trials). I like doing stupid things like this.

Progress: 3,428 / 11,862 (28.90%)
Medals: :award:: 3,230 - :gold:: 146 - :silver:: 22 - :bronze:: 22 - None: 8
Unfinished: KO Maps: 362 - Unfinishable: 14
Total Replay Time: 1 day, 23 hours, 56 minutes, 44 seconds, 108 milliseconds.
Max Estimated Points: 139,211
Spreadsheet: [Link]

Progress and total tracks updated 23/12/2020.
Unfinishable tracks are only counted up to the point where I am in the list, and include tracks that are: not downloadable (excluding KO maps), tracks that outright do not load, tracks that are invalidated, tracks where replays can't be uploaded (old titlepack or other reasons), and tracks where I feel it is impossible to get past a certain part (perhaps due to the MP4 update). There may be a way around but I don't have the brain for that.

Start - 04/03/2018
1,000 - 02/01/2020
2,000 - 16/03/2020
:gold: 1st - 23/07/2020
3,000 - 31/07/2020
100k Points - 31/08/2020

CCP Hunt 2020 -:silver: 2nd
Valley Driver of the Year 2020 -:silver: 2nd

While I'm not playing Valley, I'll be playing Alpine and Speed, trying to play all the tracks as they come out and uploading my replays for those too, as they're my favourite original environments.

My Video Playlists
Valley SmurfsCup Runs
Nadeo Campaigns: Canyon(D01 Only) | Stadium(White Series Only) | Valley(White Series Only)
Other Campaigns: TMOne Alpine (Old Version)(All But Black Series)
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