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Read Post 9:04 AM on 21-Jan-2021
Thanks to everyone who voted! We had 43 responses. :cool: These are the results for the 2020 User Choice Awards! Congratulations to all winners! Voting scores are scored as: 1st: 5 points, 2nd: 3 points, 3rd: 1 point. Creation ties are broken b...
Read Post 3:59 PM on 19-Jan-2021
yeah i didn't exactly stay motivated for the entire build either lol
Read Post 3:10 PM on 19-Jan-2021
gg everyone and thanks for the host and fun theme ! I had a lot of fun building (even if it was hard to stay motivated for such a long project) and playing the maps :)
Read Post 1:10 PM on 18-Jan-2021
A track for a cup that never happened. Fullspeed. Have fun. vroomvroom
Read Post 9:19 PM on 17-Jan-2021
And thanks to Arkive for setting things up! This was a fun one. :)
Read Post 7:46 PM on 17-Jan-2021
yeah, GGs and well done all!
Read Post 9:04 AM on 17-Jan-2021
GG everyone! :D
Read Post 5:15 AM on 17-Jan-2021
🧭 The Expedition Cup - Edition 003 - TM2 MultiEnv January 16, 2021 - Rounds - 12 players https://i.imgur.com/mwdEY3G.png Full results spreadsheet
Read Post 1:28 AM on 17-Jan-2021
https://i.imgur.com/BdGRCg0.jpg Roche flips into first! :gold: 212911 The most notable aspect here is the sheer ambition put on display. - Arkive Absolutely mad! - PangoLynne I like it when there's so much track the track is its own scenery....
Read Post 11:00 PM on 15-Jan-2021
Voting for the 2020 MX UCA are now at a soft-close. Thanks to everyone who voted, it's been the largest turnout so far! Results will be posted within the next couple weeks. In the meantime, if you wish to make any changes to your votes, or even...
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