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The Team

Here's the team behind the site, their roles and a little bit about themselves...

If you got a (serious) MX-related issue, feel free to contact us.

  TGYoshi Segmentation fault
Site Support
I'm a huge Microsoft fanboy.
  Ozon site development, media
Lead Developer
Lead Developer of ManiaExchange. Creator of TrackmaniaExchange, ItemExchange and Trackmania News, former [url=https://youtube.com/ozontm]media creator[/url]. In real life: B.Eng. Astronautical Engineer and [url=https://ozontm.de/about]more[/url].
  eyebo.wpSite LeaderOrganizer & host, MX Lagoon Cups
  Solux Buffer Overflow
Maintaining and developing interaction with maps, replays and more - trying to enable cool future features for MX
  Joanna The cake is not a lie...
TMX, MX, and TMX 2020 Developer and bug squasher
  ThaumicTom gaming
  ArkesTM Free Wheeler
StarTrack² project host, casual map builder and Translator in the newest Trackmania game.
  Forzyy Deep fried
I'm a huge Apple fanboy. I now own an iPhone again. God damnit!
  MrA Surely Retired
Still like building things
  MX Moderator...Moderator
  Eternity Trying Unique Idea
I'm here to help the MX crew with the MX KO's. If anything else need assistance, i'll be happy to help !
  Arkive MTC Host
I mainly handle hosting the TM2 MTC. I may also answer forum questions or address moderator messages.
  Keissla.wp yes
Managing the Backgrounds Contest, creating various logos, banners and graphics that might be needed and occasionally helping out with design elements of future site updates.
  Voyager006HostHost of the MX Knockout in Valley at selected Tuesdays.
  PangoLynne wot
Primary KO Admin & map tester, occasional event host/judge.
Friends of ManiaExchange
The following people used to be part of our team, thanks for your stay!
  _firestorrmKO Host
  adsunProject GPU Development Support
  akiliyh.ncCCP Host | 90MC Host
  AlcatorMTC Host
  AR »rexineMTC Host
  bcs| JR1988KO Support
  bueddlModerator | Project GPU Map Upgrader
  Chris92Project GPU Participant
  chuckieModerator | Project GPU Map Upgrader
  DdariQKO Support
  ElvestadGraphics Support
  FiahStarTrack² Host
  fiendyProject GPU Map Upgrader
  florenziusKO Support
  FT»OsakaMTC Host | Project GPU Map Upgrader
  gadoKO Support
  HaagseSmurfProject GPU Map Upgrader
  haenryHost of KOs, MTC, & advent calendar
  iHq/fredair....90MC Host
  KekXMTC Host | BASCO Host
  Kousseau90MC Host
  LarsMTC Host
  Linkin|AlexMTC Host | Project GPU Organizer & Map Upgrader
  Marius 89KO Host
  MikeyKO Founder / Admin / Host
  PangoLynneKO Admin / Host
  RasqueProject GPU Map Upgrader
  RealspaceKO Host
  SchpaikProject GPU Map Upgrader
  smorgasgurkaProject GPU TitlePack Support
  TheMDeveloper | Backup KO Host
  VulnerraProject GPU Map Upgrader
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