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Track Review #1 - Quantum Supernova26 May, 2019
 v.neck (0 comments, 1108 views) 
Hello everyone, long time no see (idek if anyone still reads blogs)

anyway I made a video review of a track I really enjoyed. You can watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rysCD70wu8 or read the script below.

If you watch the video, please don't be shy to let me know what you didn't like about it, since it's my first video of that kind and I want to get better at it. I real...

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VMan's Xmas Lagoon Finished, and vote for some thi...29 Dec, 2018
 VMan_2002 (0 comments, 1003 views) 
A few days late, but I should mention the map series is done. You can also submit a car skin and/or some music for the UPCOMING TITLE PACK at the original blog page. You can also vote for the next environment! You can do so here.
Lagoon Xmas Maps02 Dec, 2018
 VMan_2002 (0 comments, 1129 views) 

[hr]My Lagoon Xmas 2018 map series is finished, check it out!

Here is the full list of maps:

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Paragon Chase: Mapsubmission15 Aug, 2017
 ...shorty oA (0 comments, 1470 views) 
Hello, everyone. As you might know, Paragon Chase Cups are back. We will have a break for the upcoming weeks but this is mainly to think about some changes and get more people interested in the cup.

This means we also need new fresh and good maps!
If you are interested in it then please read the rules and send in the maps with the help of this Form:
Trackmania Open 2017 - Map Submission19 Jul, 2017
 maik #tmo (5 comments, 2140 views) 
Hello Everyone!

For our Upcoming Tournament, we are looking for Maps!

You can find all Information on the Tournaments Homepage https://trackmaniaopen.com
or on our Discord Server https://discord.gg/A6SbxnY

Map Details:


Style: Tech

Length: 35-45 seconds

Mood: morning or daytime...

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You are listening to Professor Kliq!11 Jul, 2017
  eyebo.wp (11 comments, 2798 views) 
We sometimes play games without thinking much about who made the music that sets the stage for it. But music is such an integral part of the experience.

Are you enjoying the TrackMania 2 Lagoon soundtrack? Be sure to give the guy who composed and produced it some love over on his Soundcloud. It was made by none other than Professor Kliq!

Click the album art below to listen. Be sure to like and repost the set...

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SAW ACDC Pete Died tonight25 Jun, 2017
 Kirdorfer (8 comments, 2367 views) 
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Pete .....

I know not all Players liked Him , but he was a Great Driver ! I see him at my Home when he visited me with his best friend in Real Life : Blacky . Both from Vienna. They visit my hometown for a Festival, it falls in big thunderstorm Raining, but we have Fun!
He sit beside me at my 2nd PC, left Hand smoke a cigrette, right Hand on the arrow keys, and make recs drunken like hell .)

I loved...

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! Competition for planets 2k17 !11 Jun, 2017
 katerbarg (0 comments, 1671 views) 
Map changed due Nadeo which spoiled the previous map.

Hi! I decided to make a new competition #8. You must submit your replay on mania-exchange map page. Old replays (times) are invalid!
The prizes:
:gold: 1st - 10 000 planets.
:silver: 2nd - 7 500 planets.
:bronze: 3rd - 5 000 planets.
:award: 4th - 2 500 planets.
:award: 5th - 1 300 planets.
:award: 6th - 1 000 planets.
:award: 7th - 1 000 planets.
:award: 8th - 1 000 planets.
:award: 9th - 700 planets.

The end of competition: June 21, 2017. No changes!

Interview - riolu02 Feb, 2017
 EirikHoldal (3 comments, 2534 views) 
>>> riolu

He's known as the best all round player in Trackmania, with being at the top level in all of the games. We asked riolu about all the different styles, favorite style, Gamers Assembly, Trackmania Turbo, ZrT Cup #4 and TMX Driving Academy.

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Interview - Event Admins27 Jan, 2017
 EirikHoldal (0 comments, 1699 views) 
>>> Event Admins

2017 has just started, and we hope to see many successful events will be hosted. To get a nice overview of what's gonna take place, I thought it would be cool to ask the admins of the biggest events out there on what they are planning to do. Maybe we will see some new event or maybe we see some events missing from the 2017 calendar?

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