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1. The MX Crew Support Program

The ManiaExchange Crew is an ever-changing, diverse and engaged group of Trackmania players who spend their freetime making the Maniaplanet community a better place. We are available almost 24/7 on our Discord to support you in site- and game-related issues. We as the MX Crew always believed that the project that is ManiaExchange can be more than a track sharing site, which is why we want to introduce you to the MX Crew Support program, where you can support development and maintenance of ManiaExchange. You can support the work we do and in exchange get access to new features that will help your projects and successes grow further.

New features will be rolled out in the coming months including an engaging Leaderboard system, competition tools and a complete redesign of the page to meet standards that will make the site future proof. Your monetary support will help justify the time spent on developing the features and also help sustain the various events that we organize.

You can either purchase merchandise from our new partner Elbster or directly pay 5 Euros a month to our paypal account. All received money will be split among the MX crew as explained below.

2. Features
Here's a quick list of benefits for MX Supporters and crew members:
  • Multi Replay Uploader
  • Multi Track Uploader for Mappacks
  • MX Supporter tracklist on the frontpage.
All of these features do not take away any of the existing features from regular MX users.
3. Distribution

We want to be transparent to you. It's important to us that you know where your money goes.

The main focus during the currently running development phase, where new features are being developed, distributes the money 45% to developers, 45% to rest of the crew. The distribution in regards to development accounts for the time-consuming task of development, testing and bugfixing. The development phase ends with the completion of the redesign or with no developers being in the team - in this case 80% of your funds will go towards the team.

Both distribution models will also use the left-overs to pay into a "MX-Pot". It is used to pay for site-related expenses and - if we accumulate enough - it might offer prizemoney for future ManiaExchange-hosted contests.

Become a Supporter of ManiaExchange

Support the work of our crew in return for exclusive features... donating directly

This way, you will receive instant access to the supporter features.

Note: Donations can not be refunded.

If you experience any issues, shoot us a PM. purchasing ManiaExchange merch

You can redeem your purchase for supporter days:

Note: It can take up to 3 days until your merch purchase is converted into supporter days. Read info and instructions about the process here.

International Store - German Store

Current Statistics (Updated Daily)

9 Supporters generate an income of 1.36 € a day, which is distrubuted among 6 Crew members

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