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News Archive
xrayjay has created some 15th anniversary items you can embed in your next track. Have a look!
Nadeo has released the ManiaPlanet 4.1 update!
Everything you need to know is in the ManiaPlanet forum, including a changelog.

Here's a list of my personal favorites from this update.

Want to know how to use TMU cars in TM2? Check this post.

NADEO and ManiaExchange have teamed up for the 15 Years Anniversary of Trackmania, to give you some amazing prices for MX contests such as the MTC, the OneBlockStory Hunt and the upcoming 90MC.

Read more about the prizes and the contests here.

The sign-up for the Christmas Calendar Project opened! Sign up now now to be part of the privileged mappers !, there are only 2 spots left!! You don't know what the CCP is? It works like a Christmas calendar. Every day of December, up to the 25th, a track will be uploaded as a little present. This year Santa's elf is akiliyh and he is happy to host this edition for you! He' s waiting for your PMs:wait:
    :done: More information can be found here.
    :build: There are only 2 spots left !

Have fun building!;):wait:

The next 90MC will take place this week on friday! Prepare your map editors for 20.00 CEST!

What is the 90MC? Here is the forum post with general information!

A new update has been released! This is (hopefully) the last update before our bigger one, which will not release before December. Features:
  • New notifications for when a user favourited you.
  • New notifications when someone replies to your comment.
  • Improved Track Showcase design and functionality (now shows youtube showcases as well)
We hope that you like the update! Let us know on Discord or in a PM to   Ozon what you think of it.

A new small MX Update has been released! This time, we improved the ❤ Favourite feature.
  • Have a look at which authors you ❤.
  • You can now also see, who is ❤-ing you.
We hope that you like the update! Let us know on Discord or in a PM to   Ozon what you think of it.

The next 90MC will take place next week on friday (24/08/18) and hosted for the first time by! Prepare your map editors for 20.00 CEST!

Edit : we pushed the date back a week to not have the 90MC at the same time as others competitions

What is the 90MC? Here is the forum post with general information!
New schedule for MX Knockouts starting August 1, 2018
The rotation will start again at the beginning of each month

Saturday KOs at 11:30 CEST and 21:30 CEST (two KOs at each timeslot)
1st Sat: MultiEnv (Rounds, then TA)
2nd Sat: TMOne (Rounds only) (currently only Speed)
3rd Sat: MultiEnv (Rounds, then TA)
4th Sat: Stadium (Rounds, then TA)
5th Sat (when there is one): Canyon (Rounds, then TA)

New! Tuesday KOs at 21:30 CEST (one KO per timeslot) following any SmurfsCup Valley
Twice a month: Valley (Rounds only)

You can also read the full rules for the MX Knockouts, or check ManiaCalendar to see the dates of upcoming KOs. Please note: Tuesday Valley KO dates will only be added to the calendar after the dates for SmurfsCup Valley are known.

We're always accepting new maps. More info here.
Sorry for the downtime this morning. We're aware of the issue and taking a look at it.
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