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News Archive

After almost 4 months pause, the 90MC is back!
The next edition will be hosted today (Monday, 18th September) at 20.00 CEST

More details can be found here!

Good luck, have fun! (y)
You've been asking us on MX for months (years?) for it, and now it's possible. Nadeo has kindly helped us out by implemented a way for it to work. What's that?

Well, now you can drive a track built in a base title (e.g. Stadium) in another titlepack such as ESL/Comp or RPG... in single player or online, and your replay will be saved with the title information where the track was built, not where you've driven it.

Again, this means you can upload new replays on MX that were driven in user made titlepacks, even if the map wasn't built in that title. Thanks Nadeo!(y)

:done: Now start uploading those replays!(l)

Edit: Just a little note, in case it's not clear. The replay must have been driven and saved since the August 31, 2017 update.

The September ManiaExchange MTC is now live!

Theme: Oh 9! - You are only allowed to use 9 different block types (start and 1 finish don't count towards the limit).

Find more information here: MTC September 2017: Oh 9!
Find the submission thread here: MTC September 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:

The August ManiaExchange MTC is now live!

Theme: Two Tiles Wide - The area on which the track is built may be only two tiles wide (but as many tiles long and high as you wish).

Find more information here: MTC August 2017: Two Tiles Wide
Find the submission thread here: MTC August 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Project GPU* team over the past two months, we've completed ManiaExchange's full transition to ManiaPlanet 4!

115,484 maps are now ManiaPlanet 4 compatible on MX. That's 99.72% of all public maps on the site.

:done: Canyon is done! 45,487 MP4 maps. (99.68%)
:done: Storm is done! 15,304 MP4 maps. (99.58%)
:done: Stadium is done! 45,008 MP4 maps (99.88%)
:done: Valley is done! 8,909 MP4 maps. (99.38%)

You can read more about why all this effort was needed.

*Project GPU is a collaboration between the MX Crew, and a group of server owners and community leaders.

Thanks to   Linkin|Alex for organizing the project!
edit from Alex: A big thanks to eyebo for co-coordinating the whole project and handling all of the actual uploads back to MX after the conversions!

A big thanks to all those who helped us reach this point:
Map upgraders: Alex, bueddl, BushMonkey, eyebo, chuckie, Haagse, Rasque, Solux, Chris92, Ascent Smoke, Vulnerra, Osaka, Fiendy, killervirus, Schpaik, Paragon Luké, and all of you out there who upgraded your own maps!
Development Support: TGYoshi, TheM, Solux, xrayjay, adsun, skyslide and the Nadeo dev team.
Contributed TitlePacks: Dommy, Wohoohi, Elvestad, smorgasgurka, adsun, Paragon Luké, Okami, and others.

The July ManiaExchange MTC is now live!

Theme: 15 Seconds - Your track must be longer than 10 seconds, but not longer than 15.99 seconds.

Find more information here: MTC July 2017: 15 Seconds
Find the submission thread here: MTC July 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:
If you don't own all the environments yet, now's the time to get them!
The Steam Summer Sales are upon us!

Until July 5, 2017
50% discounts on Canyon, Valley, Stadium, ShootMania, and TMUF+3 TM2 environments.

€ 4,99 - Stadium
€ 9,99 - Canyon
€ 9,99 - Valley
€ 9,99 - Shootmania

Or get the TrackManias bundled:
€ 29,99 - TMUF + Canyon+Valley+Stadium

Not on sale, but worth buying:
€ 19.99 - Lagoon
Get ready for a hot weekend!
The MX Knockout competitions today will be in Time Attack, in the Valley title.
Come join us today at 11:30 CEST and 21:30 CEST!

More info about the Knockouts in the forums.
Introducing Mania Tech Wiki.

Xymph says:
This site aims to document technical aspects of, and technology in, the games in the Mania series by Nadeo (ok, and Virtual Skipper too). It is a very small wiki now, and because of its nature is likely to remain quite small too. Nonetheless, interested contributors are now invited to sign up and start adding relevant information.

More info in the forums.
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