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News Archive

The MTC March 2018 is now open!
Theme: Multi-Class Racing
Build one track with a single route driveable by 2 vehicles from different environments.

The next 90MC will take place next week on monday! Prepare your map editors for 20.00 CET!

What is the 90MC? Here is the forum post with general information!
Setting your map on MX to "Unreleased" does not mean the map is hidden or inaccessible. Other players can still access your map by using the Status filter in track search, or by visiting your profile.

If you're wanting to properly hide a map/make it private until release.... you must click the "Hide" button at top right on the map page after the map is uploaded. You can of course use it in conjunction with the unreleased feature. Don't forget to unhide the map when you release it!

"Unreleased" is normally to be used for beta maps you want others to test. We'll try to make this more clear in the future on the upload page itself.

The MTC February 2018 is open! Hosted this month by   Arkive
Theme: Rise Over Run
Build a course that's consistently ascending or descending.

All new Alpine Knockout in the TMOne Alpine Titlepack this Saturday!

Hope to see you there! 10:30 CET and 21:30 CET
More info about the Knockouts here.

The User Choice Awards are meant to be an event where users vote for other users who they think should deserve an award for their talent, work or person. The 2nd phase just started! Check the nominations and cast your votes!

Passing this along, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Please take a few minutes to fill it out.

Nadeo says:
Help us to improve Trackmania/Shootmania free access by answering a few questions. It takes less than 4 minutes.

English Questionnaire

Nadeo says:
Aidez-nous à améliorer l'accès gratuit à Trackmania/Shootmani en répondant à quelques questions. Cela prend moins de 4 minutes.

French Questionnaire

The next 90MC will take place next week on monday! Prepare your map editors for 20.00 CET!

What is the 90MC? Here is the forum post with general information!
Update: Everything is working good again. Thanks Nadeo!

Server lists in-game are currently down, as is the Channels system.

But direct links to servers work, and servers are up. Here's some server links if you want to play online today.

Time Attack: Smurfen Canyon
Time Attack: SSM VeryShort
Time Attack: SSM Fullspeed
Rounds: FunRacers 90K

Time Attack: SSM Beginner Fullspeed
Time Attack: SSM Mario Kart World 3
Time Attack: Evo Fullspeed Beginner
Time Attack: Evo Dirt Arena

Stadium (ESL Comp TitlePack)
Time Attack: Evo Fullspeed Advanced

Time Attack: Smurfen Valley

Time Attack: Smurfen Lagoon

ShootMania Royal
RoyalPro: Smurfen Royal (no cup today anyway)
The ManiaPlanet Player Page is experiencing problems. This means you may not be able to login to MX, since we use their system for authentication.

In the meantime, you can still use the old login system here on MX to login to your account.
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