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News Archive

The sign-up for the Christmas Calendar Project 2k19 opened! Sign up now to be one of the privileged mappers ! You don't know what the CCP is? It works like a Christmas calendar. Every day of December, up to the 25th, a track will be uploaded as a little present. If you want to be part of the project please send a PM to me   akiliyh

Have fun building !;):heart:

TMOne Alpine has been released and some updates have been made ready for its release:
  • Alpine and Speed are now added as official Environments!
  • New PlayLater feature - Bookmark tracks to play later & download as .zip.
  • New mappack search (now just as intuitive as the current track search).
  • Coloured MX Supporter badges, depending on how long you've been supporting us.
  • Track Length search filter, small fixes all around.
We sincerely hope you like the updates! More and more is coming. Please consider supporting us and by that help us to reach the 30 supporter mark (17 supporters as of writing this news post).
Detailed changelog here.

:done: Be ready for the 15th edition of the 90 MC on Friday July 26th at 8pm ! (CEST ) prepare your editors for way too much fun !:p Hope you'll be there !(y)

What is the 90MC? Here is the forum post with general information!

* Due to the xd race the 90MC is postponed to the 26th

The Competitive Open Map Pool (COMP) is designed to be an alternative solution to a global map pool. All selected maps in this map pool will be completely free to use for any tournament/event organiser.

Please note that all presented information is still subject to change until 1st of August, when map submission is officially open. Until then, feedback would be very much appreciated.

Learn more about COMP here.
Bringing you the heat with some new updates on MX:
  • Mappack tile view + frontpage view
  • Upload limit raised to 6MB, for supporters up to 12MB (please note: game servers still have a 4MB limit)
  • New loading animation, various critical style and technical fixes
Consider supporting us if you like the updates! Found an issue? Report here.

A number of new blocks were added to Stadium this month, including some hidden ones added for ZrtCup. You may have noticed some maps here on ManiaExchange already using the hidden blocks.

You can access the blocks yourself by either of these two methods:
- Use this OpenPlanet script which unlocks all the blocks. It also unlocks the new linked checkpoints feature.
- Use these macroblocks that   ThaumicTom was kind enough to make for us. Check the readme.txt in the zip for install instructions.

Please note: We have no guarantees the hidden blocks will stay in the game. The folder structure in Stadium has been reorganized to better accommodate the new blocks, so we assume they'll stay. But maps could break in the future. Use at your own risk.

UPDATE 2019-07-03: The blocks have been added to the game for everyone now.

The MX Backgrounds Contest is a new monthly contest that gives you the chance to get your many screenshots chosen as background image for the whole site! There will of course be a few rules and requirements. In return for your masterpiece, we will give your successful background submission a badge with your name on the bottom right.

Read more about the contest here.

A huge, new update has been released for ManiaExchange.
  • New Mappack section including powerful management tools
  • New MX Logo, banners and backgrounds.
  • MX Crew Support & Merchandise - Support our work in exchange for exclusive new features
  • Nightmode, Tiles View in Tracksearch and more.
Read all about the update and the changelog here.

The May MTC is live! This month's theme is "Do You Know De Wey", Work in 3+ hidden cuts into your map!
All information about the competition can be found here in the forum, and if you have any questions post them in the thread!

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